Banglaprakash debut on April 01, 2007 with the promise of creativity. At the beginning of our creative and intellectual journey banglaprakasah was showered with praise. The book “Roopkothar Elish” by Arjita Madhurja received a special citation from the Government of Canada for its amazing content and improved quality of publications. In the year 2008 the book published in Amor Ekushey book fair by the poet Nirmalendu Goon “ Attokotha 1971” created a lot of buzz and widely discussed. The book was selected as one of the top ten book by the daily Prothom Alo newspaper and also achieved the Gemcon Literature award. Another book “Bhromonkotha Ebong Paris” by Nirmalendu Goon achieved City Anonda Alo award. Poet Asad Chowdhuy’s “Chandu Chor o Raja Chokor” and Sayed Haq’s “Tutuler Ma Gach” achieved Euro children literature award. Ashrafl Alam Pintu’s “Roopkotha Noy Chupkoth” was acieved by Nazrul Kader children literature award. In 2010, children literature award was awarded to Mahmud Ullah for “ Mojar Chora” and Gazi Tanzia’s “ Jatishor” received city anondo alo award.

Banglaprakash mission is to undertake some work of literature and promise to protect them. And reach the classical and memorable book to the reader. Banglaprakash continues its journey by this commitment.